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Geospatial Insight


Geospatial Insight was established in 2012 to address a gap in the market for delivering actionable risk intelligence sourced from analysis of a range of geospatial data sources, including satellite imagery.

Established in the UK and The Netherlands, the company is a leading provider of geospatial intelligence, with proven expertise across the climate transition, insurance and risk analysis sectors. Geospatial Insight delivers ground-breaking solutions based on the development and application of advanced AI data analysis technology to derive risk intelligence data from satellite, aerial and drone imagery, revolutionising the way in which a wide range of businesses, including governments, energy producers, insurers, reinsurers and asset owner/operators make climate adaptation and risk-based

The company has launched a number of subscription-based information services in the energy and insurance/risk analysis sectors, including GHGWatch, which detects, measures and monitors methane emissions and which is operational with one of the world’s major oil producers, LOCATE, a platform-based service which supports the planning and implementation of renewable energy installation and Electrical Vehicle (EV) charger roll-out and (RE)Act, a service that provides rapid, post-CAT (Catastrophic) event risk analysis services and is used by many of the world’s largest insurance sector players.

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