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Inception phase (January 2023 - 31 December 2023)


The Inception phase, spanning from January to 31 December 2023, marks the crucial initiation stage of a significant project aimed at enhancing civil protection and disaster management. During this pivotal period, several essential activities and milestones are set to take place, setting the foundation for the project's successful execution:

I1 - Key Experts Validation and Recruitment

The project kicks off by identifying and validating key experts who will play vital roles in its execution. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure the project's success.

I2 - Civil Protection Countries Chain of Command Identification

One of the primary objectives of this phase is to identify and establish the chain of command within civil protection agencies across participating countries. This clarity in leadership structures is essential for effective disaster response.


I3 - Coordination with Ongoing Civil Protection Projects (EU and Non-EU)

Close coordination with existing civil protection projects, both within the European Union and beyond, is critical. This ensures synergy, minimizes duplication of efforts, and maximizes the project's impact.

I4 - Technical Assumptions Validation (Tools, Risks Mapping, etc.)

The project's technical assumptions, including tools, risk assessments, and mapping methodologies, are rigorously validated. This step ensures that the project is built on a strong technical foundation.

Download the PPRD Med risks mapping

I5 - Countries Assessment Bilateral Meetings - Beta Version

Participating countries engage in bilateral meetings, providing valuable input and feedback on the project's beta version. These interactions are instrumental in shaping the project's direction.


I6 - Coordination with UfM Working Groups (Needs and Demands)

Collaboration with the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) working groups is established to understand the specific needs and demands of the region. This collaboration helps tailor the project to address regional challenges effectively.

I7 - Launching Event (5-7 June 2023)

A significant milestone is the launching event scheduled for 5-7 June 2023. This event serves as a platform to officially introduce the project, garner support, and set the stage for its implementation.

I8 - Countries Assessment Bilateral Meetings (Continued)

Bilateral meetings with participating countries continue to refine the project based on country-specific profiles, needs, and priorities.


I9 - Country Profiles, Needs, and Priorities

In-depth assessments of each participating country are conducted to create comprehensive country profiles, outlining their unique needs and priorities in civil protection and disaster management.

I10 - Logframe, Work Plan, Indicators, Timetable Implementation Version 1.0

Version 1.0 of the project's Logframe, work plan, performance indicators, and timetable for implementation is developed. These documents provide a structured roadmap for the project's progression.

I11 - Steering Committee n°1 (17th October 2023)

The first Steering Committee meeting, scheduled for 17 October 2023, serves as a pivotal moment for project governance. It brings together key stakeholders to review progress, make strategic decisions, and ensure alignment with project objectives.

I12 - PPRD Med Roadmaps (31st December 2023)

The PPRD Med roadmaps are strategic framework designed to guide and coordinate disaster risk reduction efforts across the Mediterranean region. These comprehensive roadmaps are a testament to the commitment of the Mediterranean countries to enhancing their resilience against natural and man-made hazards. The PPRD Med roadmaps are a comprehensive and forward-looking framework that unites Mediterranean countries in their commitment to reducing disaster risks. By fostering cooperation, implementing a multi-dimensional approach, and emphasizing the importance of resilience, this roadmap aims to make the Mediterranean region better prepared and more resilient in the face of various hazards. 

The Inception Phase is a critical juncture where the project takes its initial steps toward strengthening civil protection and disaster management across the region. It is marked by careful planning, expert recruitment, stakeholder engagement, and the establishment of a solid foundation for the project's future success.

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