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Implementation phase (January 2024 - January 2026)


The PPRD Med project (Prevention, Preparedness, Response to natural & man-made Disasters in EU Southern countries) has the following objectives:


A1 - Anchoring the UfM as a regional cooperation platform 

The workpackage A1 aims to strengthen the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) as a platform for regional collaboration in addressing disasters, fostering cooperation among EU Southern countries.

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A2 - Strengthening operational assistance & response capacity

The workpackage A2 focuses on enhancing the operational capabilities and response capacity of the participating countries in dealing with natural and man-made disasters effectively.

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A3 - Fostering interregional cooperation initiative

The workpackage A3 aims to encourage cooperation and collaboration between EU Southern countries, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and best practices in disaster prevention, preparedness, and response.

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A4 - Using advanced technologies for prevention, preparedness, and response

The workpackage A4 aims to leverage advanced technologies to improve disaster prevention, preparedness, and response efforts in the EU Southern countries.

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A5 - Strengthening the interlinkages with all relevant actors

The workpackage A5 seeks to enhance collaboration and coordination with all relevant stakeholders, including governmental organizations, NGOs, international institutions, and local communities involved in disaster management. By pursuing these objectives, the PPRD Med project aims to enhance the region's overall resilience and capacity to effectively prevent, prepare for, and respond to natural and man-made disasters in the EU Southern countries.

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