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01 March 2024 - World Civil Defense Day 2024

Updated: Mar 5

World Civil Defense Day 2024, observed on March 1st, aims to raise awareness about civil protection and emergency preparedness globally. It underscores the crucial role of civil defense in enhancing resilience, minimizing disaster impacts, and ensuring individual safety during crises. The day provides a platform to spotlight the efforts of civil defense organizations in safeguarding communities from various disasters and emergencies, reminding individuals, communities, and governments to actively engage in disaster preparedness and response.

Originating from a United Nations resolution on December 6, 1990, World Civil Defense Day has been an opportunity for countries worldwide to exchange information, share best practices, and conduct awareness campaigns, fostering international cooperation in disaster risk reduction and emergency management.

Celebrations of World Civil Defense Day vary across nations, with various events, campaigns, and activities organized to educate the public, disseminate emergency procedures, and recognize the contributions of civil defense personnel. While themes and focus areas may differ, the overarching goal remains promoting a culture of preparedness and resilience against natural or man-made disasters.

On this occasion, the PPRD Med team is proud to showcase activities from Partner Countries:

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