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11-13 August 2023 - Palestinian Civil Defence (PCD), Ramallah, Palestine

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

During the dates of August 11th to 13th, 2023, a significant undertaking took place in Ramallah, Palestine, involving the Palestinian Civil Defence (PCD). The mission was driven by a set of distinct objectives that aimed to foster collaboration and bolster disaster preparedness and response efforts:

  1. Articulation of PPRD Med Objectives: Central to the mission was the imperative to effectively articulate and elucidate the core objectives of the PPRD Med initiative. This step involved presenting a clear and comprehensive overview of the initiative's overarching goals, methodologies, and envisioned outcomes. By ensuring a mutual understanding of these objectives, the groundwork for productive collaboration between PPRD Med and PCD was established.

  2. Detailed Workpackage Descriptions: The mission also entailed the comprehensive elucidation of the workpackages denoted as WP1 to WP5 within the PPRD Med framework. By providing detailed descriptions of the activities, responsibilities, and deliverables associated with each workpackage, the mission aimed to establish a cohesive understanding of the operational facets underpinning the initiative's implementation.

  3. Enhanced Insight into Palestinian Civil Defence and Risk Management Approaches: Another pivotal dimension of the mission was to cultivate an in-depth understanding of the Palestinian Civil Defence (PCD) itself. This encompassed delving into the organizational structure, operational methodologies, and risk management strategies employed by the PCD. This mutual exchange of insights aimed to synergize PPRD Med's efforts with the existing practices and strategies of the PCD, amplifying the collective capacity to manage risks effectively.

  4. Prioritization Discussions on Risks: An integral facet of the mission was the deliberation and exchange of viewpoints regarding risks of paramount concern. By engaging in productive discussions with the Palestinian Civil Defence (PCD), the mission sought to identify, analyze, and prioritize the most pressing risks facing the region. This dialogue facilitated the alignment of PPRD Med's initiatives with the specific risk management needs and priorities of the PCD.

In summation, the PPRD Med mission conducted in Ramallah, Palestine, from August 11th to 13th, 2023, was a multifaceted endeavor. It encompassed the clear articulation of PPRD Med objectives, the detailed exposition of workpackages, a deepened understanding of the Palestinian Civil Defence and its risk management strategies, and constructive deliberations on risk priorities. Through these endeavors, the mission aimed to establish a foundation for collaboration, ultimately contributing to bolstered disaster preparedness and response capabilities within the region.

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