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11-14 March 2024 - PPRD Med Pilot 1 - Mauritania


Introduction to the PPRD Med Pilots

The PPRD Med project places a strong emphasis on leveraging earth observation and accessing free data from the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem to bolster Civil Defence and Civil Protection efforts across partner countries. This initiative, stemming from discussions at the inaugural Steering Committee in Barcelona, offers data with resolutions ranging from 4m to 10m, supporting activities in prevention, preparedness, and response.

Implemented on a per-country basis, the PPRD Med Pilots target key risks such as forest fires, flooding, earthquakes, and NaTechs (Natural disasters triggering technological risks), facilitating the acquisition of knowledge for digital map creation, simulations, and impact analysis. Through knowledge transfer sessions, national Civil Protection specialists are equipped to utilize spatial data effectively, with subsequent evaluation sessions ensuring readiness.

Despite challenges in integrating dynamic digital operational maps into existing plans, the endeavor promises enhanced response capabilities. Post-mastery, efforts focus on upgrading communication channels to enable swifter responses to emergencies.

Furthermore, the project acknowledges the occasional need for very high resolution (VHR) data, ranging from 0.3m to 1.5m in resolution. VHR data, necessitating specialized skills and resources, is primarily utilized in disaster response. The PPRD Med team oversees the handling of spatial data for early responders and strategic planning, with a specific focus on Doctrine development in the second semester of 2024.


Objectives of the PPRD Med Pilot 1 - Mauritania workshop

Introduction to the PPRD Med Pilot 1 - Mauritania

by Dr. Philippe GEFFROY, PPRD Med Team Leader

and Dr. Jean MUYLAERT, PPRD Med Deputy Team Leader & Key Expert

The primary objective of the PPRD Med Pilot 1 - Mauritania workshop was to engage in collaborative efforts with the Mauritanian civil protection and relevant stakeholders over several days, focusing on addressing key priorities. Initially, the workshop aimed to present the comprehensive PPRD Med National Roadmap for Mauritania, covering both inception and implementation phases. Moreover, it was the opportunity to foster active participation from all attendees through discussions on methodology, encouraging the exchange of insights, experiences, and lessons learned in Mauritania.

Structured from March 11th to 14th, 2024, the workshop promoted collaboration and facilitated knowledge sharing:

  • The first day was dedicated to introducing the PPRD Med Roadmap in detail and promoting participant interactions.

  • Subsequent days featured presentations on specific disaster modules from the PPRD Med Pilot 1 - Mauritania on flooding, Natech, TechNa, and cascade effects, followed by extensive discussions and preparatory work for future activities.


Industrial risks

Presentation of Aloha and Primarisk by Ms. Meimouna DEIDA, PPRD Med Regional Expert on Industrial Risks

Ms. Meimouna Deida has joined the PPRD Team early 2024 as Regional Expert on Industrial Risks. During the workshop, she presented two modeling tools:

She served as national expert in the CBRN CoE Project 95 SAFETIC "Safe Transportation and installations using chemicals in the African Atlantic Façade region” under the European Union (EU) Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence (CoE) funded by the European Commission FPI (Service for Foreign Policy Instruments). She was responsible for drafting safety reports of major high-risk chemical facilities in Mauritania and acted as national trainer. She is also participated in  the CBRN CoE Project 55 FRONSEC on the control and detection of CBRN substances at the borders (NAS region – North Africa & Sahel). Additionally, she conducted national trainings under the CBRN CoE Project 69 on the management of high-risk chemical facilities in the African Atlantic Façade (AAF) region.

She completed a Specialized Master's program in the management of Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical, and Explosive risks as part of the CBRN CoE project 86 “MANA – Mention Afrique”. Her academic background includes a Master's degree in Materials Chemistry in 2016, followed by a Master's degree in General Chemistry in 2015. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in General Chemistry in 2014. Her educational journey began with a bilingual Baccalaureate in Natural Sciences in 2011.


Natural risks

Presentation of FastFlood by Mr. Alexandre CUSTAUD, PPRD Med Deputy Team Leader & Key Expert

Mr. Alexandre Custaud is the ISTC Lead Expert in CBRN/DRR-DRM/NATECH.

Within the framework of the PPRD Med project, he serves as the Head of Operations, responsible for overseeing coordination and collaboration with the project's 10 partner countries and scientific & technological partners.

During the PPRD Med Pilot 1 – Mauritania, he presented the FastFlood model:

Given Mauritania's vulnerability to flooding, flash floods, and coastal inundation, the civil protection team and meteorological authorities greatly appreciated the introduction and utilization of the rapid flood model. This also underscored the importance of inter-service cooperation in effectively managing such natural hazards.

The subsequent actions involved identifying "points of interest," encompassing not only critical infrastructures but also cultural heritage sites, commercial activities, industrial zones, and any other pertinent infrastructures or locations susceptible to significant flooding impacts.


PPRD Med VIP (Visual Intelligence Platform)

Presentation of PPRD Med VIP (Visual Intelligence Platform)

Mr. Alexandre Custaud, Mr. Dave Fox and Mr. Johnnie Shannon made a presentation on the PPRD Med VIP (Visual Intelligence Platform).

The PPRD Med VIP (Visual Intelligence Platform) stands as an exceptionally robust and cybersecure protected system. It empowers each of the 10 partner countries of the PPRD Med project with access to very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery, reaching a 30 cm resolution over areas of particular interest. This imagery is exclusively available for pilot regions within each country. Moreover, the platform provides users with the capability to overlay additional layers, including data on floods, flash floods, coastal inundation, and pinpointing points of interest such as critical infrastructures, cultural heritage sites, industrial zones, including high-risk chemical facilities, and more.

The PPRD Med VIP offers a comprehensive suite of tools and data, empowering civil protection agencies to make informed decisions in forecasting potential disaster scenarios. Its access to very high resolution satellite imagery and overlaying of important data layers enhance situational awareness. By pinpointing points of interest, including critical infrastructures and vulnerable areas, the platform facilitates proactive risk management. 

Overall, the platform's integrated features enable civil protection agencies to anticipate and respond effectively to a wide range of potential risks and threats, thereby enhancing Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPR) to natural and man-made disasters.

The upcoming phase involves the digitalization of the National Risk Assessment (SNACR – Schéma National d’Analyse et de Couverture des Risques), enabling civil protection agencies to enhance resource optimization.



Presentation of the Civil Protection Volunteerism in Tunisia by Colonel Major Mohamed ATAKNIT

Colonel Major Mohamed Ataknit, OSA Expert (On-Site Technical Assistance), delivered a comprehensive presentation on the significance of volunteerism in Civil Protection, particularly emphasizing its relevance for Mauritania. In his address, he highlighted various legal aspects, including decrees and arrangements governing volunteering activities. Additionally, Colonel Major Ataknit elaborated on the organizational framework of volunteerism, shedding light on its structures and mechanisms.

By sharing insights into the legal framework and organizational setup, the presentation aimed to underscore the pivotal role of volunteerism in enhancing disaster resilience and response capabilities, especially within the Mauritanian context.

Additionally, Colonel Major Mohamed Ataknit, having served as the former Head of Training at the Tunisian Civil Protection, brings extensive experience in volunteerism. He has practical knowledge in areas such as logistics, legal matters, and more. This background shows his deep understanding of volunteerism and its importance in building resilience.



Presentation of Smartsheet by Ms. Maria CRISTIANI, PPRD Med Project Manager 

Ms. Maria Cristiani, the PPRD Med Project Manager, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the extensive utilization of Smartsheet as a project management tool. In her address, Ms. CRISTIANI elaborated on the various functionalities and benefits of Smartsheet in streamlining project management processes within the PPRD Med project framework.

Throughout her presentation, Ms. Cristiani highlighted Smartsheet's versatility as a collaborative platform, enabling seamless communication and coordination among project stakeholders. She emphasized how Smartsheet's intuitive interface facilitates efficient task management, allowing team members to easily track progress, assign responsibilities, and monitor deadlines.

Moreover, Ms. Cristiani underscored Smartsheet's robust reporting capabilities, which provide real-time insights into project performance and enable informed decision-making. She presented how customizable dashboards and automated alerts within Smartsheet empower project managers to proactively address issues and optimize resource allocation. By leveraging Smartsheet's cloud-based infrastructure, she highlighted the enhanced flexibility and accessibility it offers, enabling remote collaboration and seamless integration with other project management tools.

In conclusion, Ms. Cristiani 's presentation elucidated how the extensive use of Smartsheet as a project management tool enhances the efficiency, transparency, and collaboration within the PPRD Med project. Her insights underscored the pivotal role that Smartsheet plays in driving the successful execution of complex projects, such as the PPRD Med initiative, and reaffirmed its status as an indispensable asset in the project management toolkit.


PPRD Med 2nd Steering Committee

PPRD Med 2nd Steering Committee, June 2024, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The conclusion of the PPRD Med Pilot 1 – Mauritania workshop was the opportunity to present the draft agenda of the 2nd Steering Committee to be held in June 2024 in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, in cooperation with the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) / the European Space Agency (ESA). 

Dr. Philippe Geffroy, PPRD Med Team Leader, and Dr. Jean Muyalert, PPRD Med Deputy Team Leader & Key Expert are associated partners of the Civil Security from Space program (CSS) of the  ESA R3 Accelerator.

ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre, is where ESA's major projects are born and nurtured through development. With over 2000 specialists, it is the main hub where innovative space initiatives take shape and move forward.


Official audience with Mr. Mohamed Mahfoudh Ould Brahim Ahmed, secrétaire général du ministère de l’Intérieur et de la Décentralisation, Mauritanie

PPRD Med official audience with Mr. Mohamed Mahfoudh Ould Brahim Ahmed

Mr. Mohamed Mahfoudh Ould Brahim Ahmed, secrétaire général du ministère de l’Intérieur et de la Décentralisation, Mauritanie, graciously extended his hospitality to the PPRD Med team, underscoring his unwavering endorsement for the project. He reaffirmed his commitment, which has remained steadfast since their previous mission in Mauritania back in September 2023. This continued support underscores the collaborative efforts between the Secretary General and the PPRD Med team in their shared endeavor to bolster disaster risk reduction initiatives in the region.

"As Secretary General, I express my sincere appreciation to the PPRD Med team for their steadfast commitment and collective contributions in furthering disaster risk reduction efforts in Mauritania. Your dedication and collaborative spirit play a pivotal role in our joint endeavor to cultivate a safer and more resilient future for our region."

- Mohammed Mahfoudh Ould Brahim Ahmed, secrétaire général du ministère de l’Intérieur et de la Décentralisation, Mauritanie


PPRD Med team visit to the Delegation of the European Union to Mauritania

PPRD Med team visit to the Delegation of the European Union to Mauritania

The PPRD Med team convened for a significant meeting with Mr. Jérôme LEBOUC, leading the Governance, Section of Cooperation, and Ms. Marion LE GUILLOUX, leading the Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, Section of Cooperation. 

This gathering aimed to present the PPRD Med Pilot 1 – Mauritania to the EU Delegation in Nouakchott and engage in fruitful discussions regarding the project's future trajectory. The Delegation of the European Union to Mauritania warmly welcomed all attendees, setting the stage for constructive dialogue and mutual cooperation in advancing disaster resilience efforts.

Throughout the meeting, participants exchanged valuable insights and perspectives, laying the groundwork for collaborative endeavors aimed at addressing key priorities in disaster risk reduction and management.


Special gratitude to PPRD Med Pilot 1 – Mauritania Workshop Participants

The PPRD Med team extends sincere gratitude to all workshop participants of the PPRD Med Pilot 1 – Mauritania for their active involvement (listed in alphabetical order): 

1.     Capitaine ABDI Ghailani, Commandant de groupement spécialisé

2.     Adjudant BA Abdoulaye, Adjoint Chef CCO

3.     Capitaine BA Leila, Directrice de la formation

4.     Lieutenant-colonel DESTABLE Yannis, Conseiller DGSCGC

5.     Lieutenant DIGO Abdoul, Directeur Adjoint RH

6.     Lieutenant FASSA Oumar, Chef adjoint CNGC

7.     Capitaine HMEYADA  Mohamed Lemine, Directeur du Cabinet

8.     Lieutenant MINI Amhed, Directeur Adjoint de la formation

9.     Commandant  SALAH Mohamed, Point focal PPRD Med

10.  Mr. SIDI Baouba, Directeur des prévisions météo et Ingénieur météorologue

11.  Mr. SIDI ELEMINE Ahmed, Chef service climatologie

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