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15-16 August 2023 - Jordan Civil Defence, Amman, Jordan

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

The primary goals of the PPRD Med mission conducted in Amman, Jordan, at the Jordan Civil Defence encompassed several key aspects:

  1. Introduction and Clarification of PPRD Med Objectives: The mission aimed to effectively communicate and elucidate the core objectives of the PPRD Med initiative. This involved highlighting the initiative's overarching goals, strategies, and intended outcomes to ensure a comprehensive understanding among all stakeholders.

  2. Comprehensive Workpackage (WP) Descriptions: An essential part of the mission involved providing detailed explanations and insights into the various workpackages (WP1-WP5) integral to the PPRD Med initiative. This step aimed to foster transparency and clarity regarding the scope, responsibilities, and specific activities within each workpackage, facilitating a collective grasp of the initiative's operational components.

  3. Enhanced Grasp of Jordan Civil Defence and Risk Management Strategies: The mission sought to facilitate an in-depth comprehension of the Jordan Civil Defence, encompassing its organizational structure, operational methodologies, and risk management strategies. This mutual understanding was pivotal in aligning PPRD Med's efforts with the existing practices and strategies of the Jordan Civil Defence, enhancing the synergy between the two entities.

  4. Productive Exchange on Priorities: An integral facet of the mission revolved around engaging in meaningful discussions with the Jordan Civil Defence to identify and exchange insights on prevailing priorities. This dialogue aimed to establish a harmonious partnership by aligning the initiative's activities with the most pressing needs and challenges faced by the Jordan Civil Defence.

In summary, the PPRD Med mission in Amman, Jordan, was multifaceted. It aimed to elucidate the PPRD Med objectives, provide comprehensive insights into workpackages, enhance understanding of the Jordan Civil Defence and its risk management approaches, and establish a collaborative framework for priority discussions. This comprehensive approach aimed to fortify the partnership between PPRD Med and the Jordan Civil Defence, ultimately contributing to enhanced disaster preparedness and response capabilities in the region.

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