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18 August 2023 - CERIDES & Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence

We express our gratitude to CERIDES and the ERATOSTHENE Centre of Excellence for having organised at the Cyprus University of technology a fruitful meeting on the next steps (implementation phase) of the PPRD Med project.

PPRD Med is funded by the European Commission - ECHO (Directorate General European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations) and is implemented by ISTC with the support of European Space Agency - ESA as the leading technological partner.

The PPRD Med programme aims to increase the resilience to natural and man-made disasters in the Southern Neighbourhood countries and the Mediterranean region by reinforcing cooperation and partnerships between the European Union and Mediterranean countries under the umbrella of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). It provides strong support to the UfM in civil protection and disaster risk reduction management, given the increasing impact and scope of disasters across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The programme involves the following countries: 🇩🇿Algeria - 🇪🇬Egypt - 🇮🇱Israel - 🇯🇴Jordan - 🇱🇧Lebanon - 🇱🇾Libya - 🇲🇷Mauritania - 🇲🇦Morocco - 🇵🇸Palestine - 🇹🇳Tunisia

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