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18 September 2023 - NATO SPS

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The PPRD Med team convened a meeting with NATO SPS in Brussels to apprise them of their strategic initiatives aimed at addressing preparedness, prevention, and response strategies concerning both man-made and natural catastrophes occurring in the Mediterranean region. Of particular concern were the imperatives to augment early warning systems in the ten PPRD Med Partner Countries through the integration of cutting-edge space technologies and to bolster their proficiency in conducting multifaceted damage assessments in crisis scenarios.

During the discussions, NATO SPS and the PPRD Med teams reached a mutual agreement to delve deeper into the collaborative opportunities presented by the SPS framework. These opportunities encompass:

  1. Exploring the feasibility of utilizing the SPS MYR (Multi-Year) program, potentially in tandem with CMRE (Centre for Maritime Experimentation), to conduct a pilot demonstration focused on maritime-related challenges, specifically addressing spurious vessels encounters, oil spills, and security concerns in port neighborhoods.

  2. Investigating the potential of leveraging the SPS ATW (Advances Training Workshop) framework, which would involve active participation from the PPRD Med countries. This collaboration would be aimed at addressing events related to regional or transboundary NATECH-induced crises, enhancing Early Warning Systems (EWS), and strengthening response capabilities in the region.

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