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18 September 2023 - UNDRR

The PPRD Med team convened a meeting with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) in Brussels, where the key points of discussion included:

  1. The implementation of the Sendai framework.

  2. The imperative to enhance risk knowledge.

  3. Improving early warning systems, particularly for earthquakes and forest fires.

  4. The initiation of a pilot program for the Wildfire Resilience Scorecard.

The Wildfire Resilience Scorecard is designed to assist communities in evaluating and enhancing their capabilities to assess, prepare for, manage, and recover from wildfire incidents. It draws inspiration from UNDRR's Disaster Resilience Scorecard for Cities and incorporates the Ten Essentials of Disaster Resilience. A spreadsheet accompanies the Wildfire Scorecard for scorekeeping purposes, with plans underway to develop an online version. This scorecard has undergone peer review and is now slated for pilot testing.

During the meeting, UNDRR and the PPRD Med teams mutually agreed to explore further collaborative opportunities.

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