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19-22 February 2024 - University of Twente - The International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

The objective of the gathering held at the University of Twente (ITC - The International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation) was to delve deeply into the functionality of the Fast Flood tool, accessible at

Fast Flood is an exceptionally swift flood simulation tool, employing a series of distinctive algorithms to achieve over 97% accuracy compared to traditional modeling, while operating at a speed 1500 times faster. Originally developed in 2021, the method has been expanded and refined over the years, now available as a web-based model. Accessible free of charge, without the need for downloads or account creation, the tool facilitates automatic retrieval of relevant data from global datasets of lower quality, or allows users to upload their own data. The simulation application includes features for mitigation design, coastal and fluvial boundary conditions, precipitation scenarios, infiltration, and more. Currently in beta stage, the tool is not intended as a substitute for comprehensive flood simulation methods; rigorous calibration and validation are prerequisites for its valid application. While no guarantees are provided, interested parties are encouraged to reach out for assistance with validation, setup, or consultancy tailored to their specific study areas. Efforts are underway to swiftly transition towards operation-ready technology. Fast Flood presents itself as an ideal tool for facilitating informed discussions, sketching mitigation strategies, conducting rapid assessments in constrained environments, preparing data, and conducting initial studies.

PPRD Med team would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to:

  • Prof. Cees van Westen - UT-ITC

  • Dr. Bastian van den Bout - UT-ITC

  • Dr. Victor Jetten - UT-ITC

  • Dr. Dinand Alkema - UT-ITC

For more information on Fast Flood:

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