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21-22-23 August 2023 - Lebanese Civil Defense

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

From August 21st to 23rd, 2023, in Beyrouth, Lebanon, the PPRD Med mission at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Lebanese Civil Defense, the National Council for Scientific Research – Lebanon (CNRS-L), the Lebanese Meteorological Department had several main goals:

  1. Clarify PPRD Med Objectives: The mission aimed to clearly explain what PPRD Med is all about. This included its main goals, how it plans to achieve them, and what it hopes to accomplish. The idea was to make sure everyone involved understood these objectives.

  2. Explain Workpackages (WPs): A significant part of the mission involved giving detailed explanations about the different tasks within PPRD Med (called Workpackages, from WP1 to WP5). This was to make it clear what each task involved, who was responsible for what, and what the specific activities were. This way, everyone could understand how PPRD Med works.

  3. Understand Lebanese Civil Defense: The mission aimed to help everyone really get what the Lebanese Civil Defense does. This included its structure, how it works, and how it manages risks. This understanding was important so that PPRD Med could work well together with the Lebanese Civil Defense.

  4. Discuss Priorities: Another important part of the mission was to have meaningful talks with the Lebanese Civil Defence. These talks were about finding out what things were most important for them right now. This way, PPRD Med could focus on helping with the most urgent needs and problems of the Lebanese Civil Defense.

In short, the PPRD Med mission in Beyrouth, Lebanon, had several parts. It aimed to make PPRD Med's goals clear, explain its tasks, help everyone understand the Lebanese Civil Defense, and work together on the most important issues. All of this was to strengthen the partnership between PPRD Med and the Lebanese Civil Defense, which would ultimately improve how they respond to disasters in the region.

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