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22 September 2023 - Noordwijk

On September 22, 2023, a PPRD Med meeting was held in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The purpose of this gathering was to bring together experts in earth observation and analytics in response to a catastrophic event (natural disaster triggering technological risks => NATECH) that occurred in Libya.

Representatives from GSI (Geospatial Insight) and the PPRD Med Team joined forces with a shared objective: to establish a lasting partnership with a particular focus on two key areas.

Firstly, the meeting aimed to promote knowledge exchange. The goal was to create an environment where expertise and insights could be shared freely, enhancing the collective understanding of earth observation and analytics.

Secondly, the partners sought to enhance their operational capabilities. By collaborating, they aimed to improve their collective ability to respond effectively to similar challenges in the future, ultimately contributing to better civil security and disaster management in the Mediterranean region.

In essence, this meeting marked an important step forward in the development of earth observation and analytics expertise, driven by the lessons learned from the Libya incident. Through cooperation, learning, and improved coordination, it paved the way for a more robust and proactive approach to addressing civil security and disaster-related concerns in the region.

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