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23-24-25 October 2023 - ENSOSP - VALABRE - MIDGARD - Aix-en-Provence

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

23/10/2023 - ENSOSP

The PPRD Med team and ENSOSP (The French National Fire Officers Academy) engaged in a productive meeting focused on the network of schools across the Mediterranean area. The discussions centered on enhancing collaboration with schools, emphasizing the importance of strengthening ties within the educational sector. The aim is to establish a robust network that facilitates knowledge exchange, training initiatives, and joint efforts in disaster preparedness and response. The meeting underscored the shared commitment of ENSOSP and PPRD Med in fostering meaningful partnerships with educational institutions, envisioning a collaborative framework that contributes significantly to the advancement of disaster management practices across the Mediterranean region.

PPRD Med extends its appreciation to Lieutenant Colonel Antoine Izac for graciously hosting the meeting at the ENSOSP. We look forward to a sustainable partnership, expecting ENSOSP to contribute significant value to the success of the PPRD Med project.


24/10/23 - VALABRE

PPRD Med representative had a first meeting with Valabre (The Center of gravity for training in Civil Security, Research, New Technologies and Prevention in the field of natural risks based in Aix-en-Provence): discussions focused on AI tools for fire detection and monitoring. The Valabre team is actively involved in the CNES-funded PANOPTES project, employing AI for enhanced fire detection and monitoring, including the use of IoT. Collaborative efforts with University of Corte on FIRECASTER, a 2D fire propagation model, are explored for potential upgrades, considering GIS, ground soil characteristics, and integration with partners GSI (geospatial Insight) and ITC (The International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation) University of Twente. The CRIMSON platform, used by Valabre, is also highlighted as a versatile tool for both didactic and operational purposes in fire monitoring, also deployed in Greece by SATWAYS for ESA-funded activities.

PPRD Med expresses gratitude to Commandant Philippe Meresse for hosting the meeting at the Valabre center. We anticipate a lasting and sustainable partnership, foreseeing a high added value of Valabre within the PPRD Med project.


25/10/2023 - MIDGARD

In the subsequent meeting with Midgard, Ms. Anne-Sophie Cadre presented the company's specialization in AI for rapid response to forest fires. Midgard's core business revolves around AI solutions for early detection of smoke and fires, utilizing software compatible with various cameras on drones. The software is designed to communicate with headquarters or personnel in the field, with capabilities for visual and infrared cameras on 10 types of drones, boasting a detection range of up to 26 km. The company's operational expertise is demonstrated through ongoing activities in Gironde (France), and Kenya forest fires.

Source: Meeting at the Valabre center - 24/10/2023

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