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26 March 2024 - ESA/DG ECHO/ PPRD Med workshop

Updated: Apr 8

The ESA/DG ECHO/PPRD Med Workshop held on March 26, 2024, at ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre), at Noordwijk, the Netherlands, aimed to discuss the progress and future directions of the PPRD Med project alongside exploring space capabilities for crisis response.

The workshop covered various topics including the objectives, structure, and planning of the PPRD Med project, results of its inception phase, and discussions on the implementation phase. The workshop also delved into the status of space capabilities for crisis response, including discussions on R3 (Rapid and Resilient Crisis Response) and civil security, exploring EO (Earth Observation) solutions, and synergies between PPRD Med and ESA activities. Additionally, participants discussed policy and programmatic cooperation between ESA and DG ECHO, upcoming events such as the PPRD Med Steering Committee meeting and the Civil Protection Forum, and concluded with a wrap-up and conclusions session.

Key participants included representatives from DG ECHO, the PPRD Med Consortium, and ESA, highlighting the collaborative efforts in addressing crisis response and civil security challenges.

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