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27 - 28 November 2023 - DGPC*, CRTS*, DNM*, Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco

The PPRD Med mission in Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco, aimed to achieve diverse objectives, including presenting PPRD Med activities, sharing Derna (Libya) pilot study, discussing decisions from the UfM DGCP Barcelona meeting, and determining priorities for DGCP (Morocco).

The presentations by DGCP, PPRD Med, CRTS, and DGM covered a range of topics such as dam control, risk mapping, and the application of the PPRD Med Platform.

Noteworthy points included Morocco's interest in leveraging historic space data for dam analysis, DGCP's proposal for a standardized risk mapping approach across PPRD Med countries, and the potential utilization of the PPRD Med platform for both educational (didactic) and operational purposes. CRTS provided insights into Morocco's satellites and their multispectral space data. The DG National Meteorological Institute's data usage for modeling flooding and fires was discussed. DGCP expressed interest in various topics, including flooding prevention, PPRD Med platform-derived information for damage assessment, and supporting other regions, such as CP Lebanon, in responding to disasters.

The conclusions highlighted the implementation of PPRD Med platform, the need for collaborative decision-making involving DGCP, CRTS, and other agencies, and DGCP's potential interest in areas such as flooding, earthquake response, and support for CP Lebanon in forest fires.

Furthermore, CRTS expressed openness to sharing its infrastructure for training and workshops for PPRD Med.


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