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28-29 September 2023 - Algerian Civil Protection (DGPC)

From September 28th to 29th, 2023, in Algiers, Algeria, a collaborative PPRD Med mission pursued several essential objectives:

  1. Clarify PPRD Med's Mission: The primary aim of this mission was to provide a comprehensive and lucid explanation of PPRD Med's fundamental purpose. This encompassed delineating its primary objectives, outlining the strategies employed to achieve them, and expressing its overarching mission. The intent was to ensure that all stakeholders involved possessed a thorough understanding of the mission's purpose and its significance.

  2. Explain Workpackages (WPs): A substantial portion of the mission was dedicated to providing detailed insights into the various tasks within PPRD Med, collectively referred to as Workpackages (WP1 to WP5). This entailed specifying the scope of each task, defining responsibilities, and outlining the specific activities associated with them. The goal was to offer a transparent perspective on PPRD Med's operational framework.

  3. Comprehend Algerian Civil Protection: The mission aimed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the Algerian Civil Protection, encompassing its organizational structure, operational procedures, and risk management practices. This comprehension was pivotal in fostering effective collaboration and synergy between PPRD Med and the Algerian Civil Protection.

  4. Discuss Priorities: Another substantial aspect of the mission involved engaging in substantive discussions with the Algerian Civil Protection. These discussions revolved around identifying the highest-priority concerns and requirements of the Algerian Civil Protection. This approach enabled PPRD Med to focus its efforts on addressing the most pressing issues and challenges faced by its Algerian counterparts.

In summary, the PPRD Med mission in Algiers, Algeria, encompassed multiple dimensions. Its objectives aimed to bring clarity to PPRD Med's mission, articulate its tasks, foster an in-depth understanding of the Algerian Civil Protection, and collaborate on addressing top-priority issues. The overarching goal was to strengthen the partnership between PPRD Med and the Algerian Civil Protection, ultimately enhancing their collective capacity to respond effectively to disasters in the region.

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