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6-8 May 2024 - PPRD Med Pilot 1 - Algeria


06 May 2024

The initial day addressed the Kazakhstan evacuation of over 100,000 people in April 2024, and participation of ISTC/Team PPRD Mediterranean in deploying cutting-dege technologies, followed by a review of the Derna disaster, analysing UN-SPIDER data from September 2023, which detailed the disaster caused by a medicane and dam breaches that led to 20,000 fatalities. The introduction of the SAVE platform (Space Analytics for Visual Environment) and PPRD Med tools like FastFlood and OpenLISEM set the groundwork for discussions on leveraging satellite imagery and identification of critical infrastructure and assessing NaTech risks (Natural disaster triggering technological risks). The day wrapped up with strategy meetings between key stakeholders including the DGPC, ASAL, and meteorological authorities (ONM).


07 May 2024

Day two showcased the SAVE platform's capabilities using the Derna case, featuring tools such as FastFlood, Aloha, Primarisk among many others. The team deliberated between several dams for the next pilot. The session expanded on ASAL’s contributions to the selected dam, focusing on DEM and breach simulations, and discussed necessary data enhancements like existing DEMs, water release volumes, and meteorological risks.


08 May 2024

The final decision centered on the selected dam, backed by the ASAL and meteorological input. The DGPC, together with ASAL and ONM  finalized a team to lead three pilot projects: 

  • one selected dam for multifaceted risk management; 

  • another dam for cross-border data exchange with Tunisia; 

  • and managing border fires between Algeria and Tunisia. 

The discussions underscored the vital role of satellite imagery in disaster management.

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