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6 October 2023 - R3 Partners Workshop

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

PPRD Med representatives participated to R3* Partners Workshop on 6th of October 2023, gathering more than 50 representatives of more than 15 different organisations involved in the field of Civil Security and Crisis Response at the international and European level. The participants had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with R3’s focus areas, concept of action and ongoing work, as well as with its objective to leverage multiple systems with a secure, smart, federated, responsive, scalable and interoperable approach.

Participants actively contributed their declarations of interest, resulting in a collection of clear endorsements of the R3 Accelerator, and the collective commitment to co-develop R3. The value of space-based solutions to serve Partners’ priorities was highlighted, in parallel to the need to mobilise appropriate resources for the development and delivery of solutions.


* The Rapid and Resilient Crisis Response (R3) Accelerator aims to enable actors to decide and act promptly in the face of crises through readily available space technologies. The R3 Accelerator seeks to address natural and human-made disasters, as well as ensure climate resilience and adaptation.

As shown by recent humanitarian emergencies, there is a need for more accurate, secure, and real-time information available for first responders, as well as improved communication capabilities replacing damaged terrestrial infrastructure. To this end, R3 aims to create a unified solution for crisis management through open collaboration, combining the experience in developing space-based solutions of ESA with the clear mandate and involvement of partners in emergency management activities.

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